Junior Seminar in Rhetorical Criticism


Course Description

This course presents an in-depth study of rhetorical criticism. Introduced in the course are the artifacts, methods, and theories that make up the rhetorical canon. This particular class asks students to explore rhetorical concepts of the critic, text, audience, culture, and circulation. It is the first in a sequence of two classes on rhetorical criticism.

Course Content

Students give presentations and write papers using the conventions of rhetorical criticism. The goal is to prepare students to integrate theory effectively in analyzing rhetoric, writing cogent and organized theses, and participating in the larger intellectual conversation about the significant influence communication has in our lives.

Select Readings
-Critic: McKerrow,  "Critical Rhetoric"
-Text: Leff, "Lincoln's Second Inaugural"
-Audience: Charland, "Constitutive Rhetoric" 
-Culture: Cloud, "Tokenism in 'Oprah'"
-Circulation: Greene, "Another Materialist Rhetoric" 

Skills taught:
-Research Design
-Writing for Rhetoric
-Preparation/Advising for Senior Thesis